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In 1972 Rodgers engineers introduced the first organ that successfully merged actual windblown pipes with electronic sounds in a hybrid instrument. Since then, more than 4,000 Rodgers hybrid organs have been built to serve the musical requirements of churches throughout the world. 

Rodgers has brought the concept of the hybrid organ to new levels of excellence.

Working with Tadlock & Associates, your church can bring new life to your heritage pipe organ.  We have the experience, the staff and the facilities to handle any kind of pipe or combination organ project, from a rebuild and expansion of your existing pipe organ to a new hybrid pipe/digital organ utilizing Rodgers newest Infinity technology.  

Often new Rodgers custom pipe consoles replace existing worn out consoles. Whatever your needs, the specialists at Tadlock & Associates will work with you to design the appropriate instrument to serve your musical needs now, and for generations to come. 

An investment in your church’s classic pipe organ, combined with the latest technological advances from Rodgers, is not only a sound choice, but an investment in the future of quality worship at your church.

Lord of Life Lutheran Church
St. Simons Island, Georgia
Last year, Lord of Life Lutheran Church on St. Simons Island completely renovated its 150 seat sanctuary.  

Originally the sanctuary had wall to wall carpeting on the floor, sound absorbing material on the ceiling and unsealed concrete blocks on the walls. The renovation included the removal of the ceiling tiles and the installation of a sealed wood ceiling. The walls were covered with stucco and sealed, and after the carpeting was removed, the original hardwood floors were refinished and sealed. The result is a space with superb acoustics for worship.

For many years, the church desired the sound of an actual pipe organ to support the liturgy. It was decided that the organ would part of a major renovation project to the building. After evaluating the cost of a complete pipe organ and realizing that the same sound could be created with just a few ranks of pipes combined with superb digital samples procured from Rodgers extensive library of sounds, the church chose a 2 manual Rodgers organ, the equivalent of 60 ranks of pipes, and combined that with four ranks of actual windblown pipes.

Under the direction of James Freeman, the pipes were designed in beautiful handcrafted casework to surround the chancel window above the altar.

There are eight pipe stops derived from the four ranks of pipes. They are: 
PIPES                                  STOPS
Principal 8'        (79 pipes)      Great - Princ 8' and Super Octave 2' / Pedal - Octave 8'
Rohrflote 8'       (85 pipes)      Great - Rohrflote 8' and Waldflote 2'
Octave 4'            (61 pipes)       Great - Octave 4' / Pedal - Choral bass 4'
Koppelflote 4'    (61 pipes)      Great - Koppelflote 4'

All of the components to the organ are located within the casework. The manual speakers are positioned behind the pipes and speak straight up using the ceiling and rear wall to project sound into the room. The sub-woofers are located inside the case and speak through grilled openings in the case side panels into the masonry walls to project the bass. The organ operates on 3-1/4 wind pressure. 

The organ speaks with great warmth and clarity in supporting both the choral and congregational aspects of worship. It is also an outstanding recital instrument in a space that feels both intimate and at the same time, spacious.

Gulf Shores United Methodist Church
Gulf Shores, Alabama

In the Fall of 2006, our technicians completely restored and interfaced 17 ranks of Reuter pipes at Gulf Shores United Methodist Church with a new Rodgers Masterpiece Organ. 

The church's Reuter Organ, which was just over 10 years old, had been severely damaged in Hurricane Ivan in 2004, when the roof was blown off of the church and water poured down into the organ chambers. 

The pipes were removed and dried, new wind chests were built and the organ was completely restored and enlarged with a new Rodgers console.

The new Rodgers/Reuter Organ is comprised of 104 digital ranks and 17 ranks of live Reuter pipes. The result is an exciting instrument in which the voicing between the pipe and digital portions of the organ is cohesive, uniform and undetectable. 

This, one of our warmer and more engaging church organs, supports both choral and congregational singing. It is also a superb recital instrument.

St. Andrew Baptist Church
Panama City, Florida

From the old “Church on the Hill” with its wood-fired heating system and its first organ purchased for $40, St. Andrew Baptist Church has enjoyed a rich history of good music using church organs. As the church grew the need for a large space for worshippers was realized and along with this was the dream of having a real pipe organ. Working with the architects and the church building committee, Tadlock & Associates was able to help make this dream a reality.

Dedicated by renowned organist, Diane Bish, the St. Andrew's Rodgers combination organ is of an American classic specification. It is comprised of 67 stops and and three percussions on three manuals and controls 17 ranks of live, wind-blown pipes. The pipes are controlled by stops on the great, choir and pedal divisions and include the 8’ Principal, 4’ Octave, 2’ Super Octave, 8’ Gemshorn, 8’ Rohrflote, 8’ Gedackt, 1-1/3 Nasat, 1-3/5 Tierce, IV-V Mixture and III-IV Scharf. The specification is further enlarged by Rodgers virtual pipe sounds. In addition, the organ contains a full antiphonal organ and a Trompette En Chamade, both speaking from the rear of the sanctuary. 

Trinity Baptist Church, Seneca, South Carolina
3 Manual with 24 ranks of pipes

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Pipe Chambers at Gulf Shores United Methodist Church
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Lord of Life Lutheran Church Rodgers Pipe/Combination Organ
Lord of Life Lutheran Church
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Pipe Technician
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