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Pre Owned Organs
All of our previously owned organs have been thoroughly checked and tested by our certified technicians. Call Bob at (251) 300-0991 or (229) 854-2046, or email him at:
​This Rodgers 940 PDI organ built in the late 1990's, comes complete with 8 channels of sound including 6 full range speaker cabinets, 2 sub-woofers and 800 watts of power.  It has full MIDI, chimes, 4 memory levels, 10 general pistons, 24 divisional pistons, divided expression, crescendo shoe, AGO console, lighted drawknobs, toe pistons and warm Rodgers sound. Beautiful condition.
Rodgers 445
This Rodgers organ built in the 1990's, is fully self-contained, though external speakers could be added to it. It has full MIDI, chimes, 2 memory levels, 8 general pistons, divided expression, AGO console, lighted tabs, toe pistons and a rich, warm sound. We could easily add a small external sound array to it that would support larger congregations. Pristine condition.
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Rodgers 940
Rodgers 770 Organ
This analog Rodgers 770 organ built in the mid 1980's, comes complete with external speakers. Wonderful condition. Perfect for home practice instrument.