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Even with all our technological innovation, Rodgers has never let technology become an end in itself. The goal of all Rodgers innovative technology first and foremost is to create music. While some competitors work hard to get customers' attention away from an organ's musical qualities and focused instead on details and features that actually provide little musical benefit, Rodgers emphasize music.

At Rodgers, we believe that for an organ technology to be truly cutting-edge, it must serve to make the instrument more musical. Rodgers is the only major organ builder producing true stereo sound. But what does this mean to you, the musician?

• each note of each stop has a unique place in the stereo sound image, helping recreate the warmth and clarity of real pipes 
• reduced distortion, providing greater clarity regardless of the instrument's environment 
• unique randomness with every key depression, the essence of natural pipe sound 
• the true physical and audio recreation of the wealth of natural materials that contribute to the sound, richness and idiosyncrasies of a pipe organ.  Rodgers Organs harness technology to deliver the complete pipe organ experience.
Hillsboro, Oregon - Where Rodgers Organs Are Built.
A church organs expert.
Rodgers Organs professional woodcrafter.
Advanced technology used in church organs.
One of Rodgers Organs.
Engineer at work on Rodgers organs.
Many people work together to create Rodgers church organs.
Our church organs replicate true pipe organ sound.
World Class Digital Organs

Designed For Every Worship Setting
Rodgers Instruments of Hillsboro, Oregon is the world's leading builder of organs installed with real winded pipes and the premier builder of cutting edge, stereophonic digital church organs without pipes.

Rodgers innovative organ building began with our introduction of the world's first all-transistor church organ in 1958. Among Rodgers' hundreds of major organ building firsts are the first transistorized organ amplifiers, first microprocessor church organs, first MIDI church organs, the first Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in church organs and the only stereo sampling used in church organs. 

In 1972, Rodgers built the first pipe/electronic organ. Since then over 4,000 hybrid church organs have been installed around the world. 

Rodgers organs are backed by hundreds of engineers specializing in high-resolution stereophonic musical instrument sound generation and all the resources of a recognized industry leader. No other company in pipe organ or digital organ building is backed by such a large pool of specialized engineering talent or by financial resources of such a large scale. 

The result is professional grade church organs that have become the reference standard among organists and church musicians, worldwide. Rodgers  organs are world-class church organs, with or without pipes. 
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